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We Rock Hosting LLC does not offer unlimited storage for a couple of reasons. There is no such thing as “unlimited” when it comes to storage. All hard drives have a limit and it can get really expensive if you try to offer true unlimited, and the other reason is we do not like telling you one thing and then doing another. If you look at the terms of the hosting companies that offer unlimited there are so many rules attached to it.

Usually all companies have a clause that says if you hit some arbitrary number they do not define they can suspend your account, others limit the number of files (inodes) you can have and each email you receive counts towards that. Some have clauses that require that any file on your site must be live meaning you have to be able to access it from your live site. Some limit the size or your mysql databases. The main point is they all have limits. If we tell you something we mean it.

That is why we offer only plans with a set space. This way you know what your getting. We offer unlimited bandwidth and that is something that we stand behind. If your site is one that we allow, and not something like a file sharing (you can have files for download just not the primary function of the site, such as sites that just host files for others to download (If your business has scripts that you sell that is ok. We are just prohibiting sites such that let people upload their own files for others to download or services like drop box.)

We believe in being straight up and not telling you one thing while in our terms saying something different.

We Rock Hosting, LLC BBB Business Review
*Prices are based on month to month, you can save by paying for 6 or 12 months up front. We don't mess with you and show the yearly price as the starting, the prices shown are if you pay month to month.

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