Rent To Own Dedicated Servers

We are pleased to announce our new rent to own program for dedicated servers. These are unmanaged servers. With select dedicated servers you can choose the option of rent to own. This program is you pay for the hosting for 12 months and on the 12 payment you own the server.

Once you own the server you have some options this includes the following.

  1. Keep everything the same, you still pay the same monthly price and get free hardware replacement and support for the server.
  2. Choose to co-locate the server instead. This may lower your monthly payment but you will be responsible for hardware replacement costs and maybe charged for support.
  3. Choose to have the server moved to a different data center or shipped to your home.

If this is an option you would like to go with please open a ticket with the sales department. The below examples are servers we can usually set you up with, but supply does come and go, if you are interested in one please let us know.

Server type Ram HD Space Price
Dell 2xL5420 16GB 1x1TB HDD $39.99/Month or $431.90/Year
Dell 2xL5520 36GB 2TB HDD or 240GB SSD $59.99/Month or $647.89/Year
HP ProLiant DL180 G6 24GB 2x2TB HDD $79.99/Month or $863.89/Year
Supermicro 2xL5420 16GB 2x3TB HDD $64.99/Month or $701.89/Year
Supermicro E3-1220 32GB 2x512GB SSD $79.99/Month or $863.89/Year
Prices and availability subject to change. Please open a ticket if you see a server you like. The above are unmanaged servers, and we can have them up in 36 hours or less. On a yearly payment you own the server on the first payment, and saves you 10%.

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