Legal Agreements

Please check out all the legal agreements below. Most of these are incorporated into the terms and conditions, but please make sure you read all of them.

Terms and Conditition - Terms that govern your use of our services.
Affiliate Terms - The terms that govern our affiliate program.
Privacy Policy - Our privacy policy.
AUP - Our acceptable use policy
SLA - Our service level agreement.
Civil Subpoena - This is our rules about civil subpoenas
Copyright/DMCA - These are our terms about copyright/DMCA claims or violations.
IP Justification - This is our rules about IP justification for dedicated IP addresses.
Free Domain - These are the terms for the free domain
Anti-Spam - Our anti spam policy
Uptime Guarantee - Our uptime guarantee
60 Day Money Back Guarantee - Our 60 day money back guarantee Domain Registration Agreement - Our domain registration agreement.
Acquisitions - Looking to sell your company? Look no further we may be interested.

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