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Excellent Support

We Rock Hosting, providing excellent customer support.

We provide you with excellent support. We want you to be happy and know we are here to help you anytime you need help with our service. We also want you to know that if your site goes down we are going to do everything in our power to get it back up. We don’t want you doubt at all that you are in good hands. We even help with 3rd party scripts. While other companies are to busy saying no, we are saying yes.

Our goal is to respond to your tickets within 1 hour or less, we aim for 30 minutes. We unfortunately cannot guarantee response times yet, but we are working on it. If you need help please open a ticket and we will get to you as quickly as possible.

Our goal is 5 stars for every time you need help. After every ticket closes you are asked to take a survey, our goal is 5 stars every time. But we want honest feedback as well. That is why we don’t pay for 5 star reviews. We will ask you to give us a review, but we will never try buy your review, or punish you in anyway for a bad review. We want every review to be organic and truthful. Organic and truthful reviews are what help people know how good a company we are.

We offer our excellent support by live help or ticket. Even if live help is not available ticket support will be, submit your ticket. Our staff listens and pays attention to make sure we can resolve the issue quickly and efficiently, the faster we can resolve the issue the faster you become happy and get back into service. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us so we may get it resolved in a timely manner.

We Rock Hosting, LLC BBB Business Review
*Prices are based on month to month, you can save by paying for 6 or 12 months up front. We don't mess with you and show the yearly price as the starting, the prices shown are if you pay month to month.

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