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Become A Partner

Do you have a service you think our clients would like? We would like to hear from you. We are always looking for reputable companies that we can recommend to our clients. We do not just take anyone though we need to make sure that if we are going to recommend you to our clients that you are a good company. To do this we look at things such as customer reviews, time in business, any awards received, we may want to see your service first hand workings, and other things. Please open a ticket with our billing department if you are interested in becoming a partner.

    Be a respectful company that has a proven track record
  • Not have a history of constant negative complaints (we understand companies will have complaints we take all things into consideration)
  • Not sell any customer information to any 3rd parties for any reason, the only time any customer information should be delivered to 3rd parties is in the process of fulfilling an order.
  • Pricing must be clear, we want our customers to know exactly what there are paying for, sites with pricing structures that are hard to understand or try to hide fees will not be considered.
  • Any and all fees charged must be plainly stated, hidden fees or fees buried in text will disqualify a site.

In the ticket tell us about your company, tell us your website, and other important information about your site and we will get back with you.

We Rock Hosting, LLC BBB Business Review
*Prices are based on month to month, you can save by paying for 6 or 12 months up front. We don't mess with you and show the yearly price as the starting, the prices shown are if you pay month to month.

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