Join Our Affiliate Program!

We Rock Hosting LLC is pleased to provide you with our affiliate program. You get paid for every single client you send our way. We pay you commission for every client you send our way monthly for as long as they remain a client.

This means that if you send us a client and they stay a client for 1 year then you get commission on that every month. This can add up over clients.

Let’s use some examples let say you sign up 5 people on the starter package. Let’s say the price of that package is $7.99 a month each client would earn you $2.00 a month. For a total of $10.00 monthly commission. Let’s say each client stays for 1 year that is $120 for that year.

The above example assumes they do not purchase any other qualifying products, or do not upgrade their service. If a client, you refer upgrades their service you will start getting commission on the new price.

So as you can see you want to get as many customers to sign up as possible. You will get paid the commission after they get out of the first 30 days, to cover the 30 day money back guarantee.

If you have any questions about the affiliate program please check here, or contact us.

We currently pay you 25% commission on all sales your link generates. The cookie is good for 100 days so even if they don't purchase it that day as long as their system keeps the cookie and they signup within 100 days the sale is yours.

We want you to be successful with our affiliate program, as this is a win win, you get money and we get clients. You can Sign Up here. Once you create your account just activate the affiliate program. You do not have to sign up for service to be an affiliate.

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